For the charged:

Local green electricity instead of fossil fuels:
Electromobility is the future

Why e-mobility?

Electromobility is one way to actively protect the environment. In contrast to driving with diesel or gas, no climate-damaging CO2 is emitted while driving.

It’s even more fun when the electricity comes from your own PV system – not only financially, but also emotionally. Who wouldn’t’ be thrilled to be independent of any oil multinationals while at the same time doing something good for the environment?

In addition, you can also earn money with it. True to the motto “Share your power”, the home charging station can also be made available to neighbors or third parties for refueling.

Why with smartRED?

Vendor independent

All on one platform

Easy configuration

Open interfaces

High security standard

Uncomplicated release to third partie


Automated billing

Here smartRED is involved

Apartment building (between Hanover and Bielefeld)

  • 25 kWp PV system
  • Heat pump control
  • 6 charging stations via eCarUp, another charging station is currently operated by the public
  • 8 apartments that are billed via tenant electricity

Here smartRED is involved

Waste Management Freiburg

  • Conversion of the entire vehicle fleet and infrastructure to electromobility
  • More than 40 charging stations with constant expansion
  • Energy management and monitoring with load management for the buildings

Here smartRED is involved

Family hotel in the Allgäu

  • 54 charging points for guests and employees including load management
  • Charging via eCarUp, QR code scan incl. Hubject connection
  • Full automation and billing with credit card without collection risk

Easy steps to the charging infrastructure

Selection of one of our many specialist partners (nationwide!)

Preliminary discussion of the execution and use

Specialist partner takes care of planning, installation and configuration

Billing can be automated

Our charging station: Pico

  • E-charging station compliant with calibration law: reliable and accurate billing at the charging station is possible – also for public spaces
  • Integrated load management and load balancing with phase compensation
  • Easy installation (small and light), suitable for ribbon cable
  • Identification via RFID, app, CarID and ready for ISO 15118 (Powerline)
  • Encrypted real-time data connection to the smart-me and eCarUp Cloud
  • Easy installation with the free smart-me app
  • Interfaces to third party systems via API, CSV, MSCONS, IS-E and more
  • MID certified