For environmentalists:
tenant electricity

Join in the energy revolution:
Produce electricity for your tenants

Why tenant electricity?

Tenant electricity is one way that many people can benefit from an energy revolution.

The tenant electricity model enables tenants in particular to benefit from a decentralized electricity generator, such as a photovoltaic system, and to be actively involved in the energy revolution. The tenant can use the cheap electricity directly from the roof and is less dependent on the expensive electricity from the grid.

Plus, additional income is generated for the system operator and the property value increases. This creates a win-win-win situation for everyone involved, including the environment.

Why with smartRED?

Precise energy meters



Open interfaces

High security standard

Can be retrofitted

Shorter payback period

Automated billing

Here smartRED is involved

Apartment building in Rothenburg (Wümme)

Easy steps to your tenant electricity object

Selection of one of our many specialist partners (nationwide!)

Preliminary discussion of the execution and use

Specialist partner takes care of planning, installation and configuration

Electricity supply contract for residual electricity

Master data maintenance in the event of a change of tenant or tariff changes

Billing & accounts receivable management