Tenant electricity

There is nothing better than this: Provide your tenants with the electricity of your own photovoltaic system! 

Photovoltaic systems, heat pumps or cogeneration units provide all tenants with their own eco-friendly electricity - that's tenant electricity!

Electricity can be produced and used on site, without purchasing power from the public grid.

For the tenants electricity is becoming less expensive & landlords can upgrade their property and can profit from self-produced electricity.

Tenants can save money

- landlords can earn money

Own eco-friendly electricity

Upgrade property

Tenant electricity - how it works

Photovoltaic systems, heat pumps or cogeneration units produce electricity on site.

This electricity is fed directly into the in-house grid to provide the tenants.

Any electricity that is not required, can be saved in battery storage or fed into the public grid.

Photovoltaic system

Public grid




produce 0.074 kW

submit 0.009 kW

require 0.065 kW

100 % of the electricity demand is covered by self produced electricity.

The surplus is fed into the public grid.