Energy management

- Your energy consumption becomes transparent

Our smart energy meters record consumptions data for electricity, water, heat and gas.

The values are transmitted to our cloud platform in real time via wifi interface.

The cloud platform is the smart control centre for the accumulated energy data, which can be accessed at any time via a smartphone app or a webpage.


Users are provided with visualisation tools, can optimise their private consumption using intelligent rules and can generate bills themselves. An open interface allows the straightforward export to a software program of their choice.

BAFA funding

(only in Germany)


The first 3-phase DIN rail energy meter with a direct connection to a cloud.

The smart-me 3-Phase Meter is a precise high-performance energy meter with a built-in WiFi interface.

No additional hardware is needed for the integration into the smart-me cloud.


The meter uses the existing wireless network and can be easily controlled and analysed via smartphone, tablet or computer. This is the easiest option to visualise in realtime the usage of energy, to analyse the metered data and to optimise the own consumption.

smart-me 3-Phase Meter


Benefits of the smart-me Meter


Via timer or "if-then" conditions - you can make intelligent rules for controlling energy flows.


You can upgrade with the smart-me Meter at any time.


The highly precise recording allows per second billing.


The smart-me Meter delivers real time values with highly precision (accuracy class 1 described in IEC82053-21).

Per second

The values are transmitted to your tablet or smartphone in real time. You get up-to-date consumption data as well as analyses and reports.


The smart-me Meter is combinable with other smart products from our selection.

Less expensive

The smart-me Meter in combination with a "normal" charging station is less expensive than a smart charging station.


smart-me Cloud

The values are transmitted to our cloud platform in real time via WiFi interface. You can monitor and control your consumption at any time. All meters with a M-BUS or a S0/SD interface can be integrated into your smart-me system. Heat pumps, battery storage, inverter and other equipment can be integrated without additional hardware. After the integration you can control and monitor all devices remotely in real time.

Real time




If - then



BAFA funding (only in Germany)


For the industry smart-me is the perfect tool to monitor and report energy consumption

to achieve an energy management based on ISO 50001.

Targets to save energy can be monitored and controlled.

In Germany smart-me is eligible by BAFA.