E-mobility - always the right solution!

We offer complete charging solutions with a large number of manufacturers and thus the right solution for every e-mobility requirement!

Charging solutions for private

You are searching for a charging solution for private use for your house or flat? 

Charging station for industry

Whether in the company, in hotels, in real estate or in shopping centres - we will find the right loading solution for you and your customers. 

Charging station für energy service provider, public utility, car dealer

Complete charging solutions for municipal utilities for private, (semi-)private and public charging points with automated billing system. Managed via the central eCarUp platform.

Further information can be found in the following video.


E-mobility - let's start eco-friendly into the future!

Emission-free, silent and cheap - we offer you an all-round carefree package with which you can start eco-friendly into the future!

We install and set into operation charging stations for e-cars and e-bikes, for your home and semi-public areas and buildings. Additionally, we create the invoices for you.

You can manage and control your charging stations via our user-friendly app.

You want to see exactly how much electricity you charge with your electric car or switch off the charging station when not in use, so that strangers cannot charge at your expense? Then make your charging station intelligent. To do this, we either use the existing communication interface of your charging station or make you communication-capable with our intelligent meter.


Do you want to make your charging station available to guests, employees or customers? Then we offer you a simple and cost-effective option with our billing tool. Your charging station becomes visible in the app and the billing runs automatically in the background during the filling process.

We provide a convenient way to charge your e-car at home or at office & offer you the ideal solution for any requirement! Together we chose the right solution for your needs.


You can decide between different charging stations with various charging capacities, types of installation and types of plugs. Even if you want to install a number of charging stations we offer the perfect solution. With connected charging stations and smart load management we ensure a needs-oriented distribution of the available power.

The integration of solar power is possible, furthermore we can modify the charging capacity when solar power is available.

Get in touch with us! We plan the electrical installations and communicate with the local network operator to arrange everything for your charging station!

Install your own charging station!

Our newest addition: Charging stations for e-bikes


Easy and secure charging for all of your e-bikes and pedelecs – suited for inside or outside use.

Choose the size of the locker cabinets from two convenient choices. The small version will accommodate your charging unit and your battery. The big version is spacious enough to fit your helmet and your bag.



Winner of the Genius Award 2018

Integration in existing charging networks

Prewired and ready-to-connect


Individual choice of the number of locker cabinets (2-18)

Multiple authentification-modules (keys / coin deposit, RFID, PIN-code, SMS, Online billing) 

Individual design on request

Whether for e-charging station owners or for drivers of e-cars – the eCarUp App provides the appropriate functionality.

Do you want to make your charging station available to guests, employees or customers? eCarUp is the free back-end solution for all charging stations. 
We make your charging station intelligent. Therefore we connect you to our backend system and show you the loading processes via a web interface or our eCarUp app in detail and in real time. 

Features for e-charging station owners

Share your charging station with other users

Customize the available times of the station

Define prices for energy and parking time

Share your charging station with other charging networks

Monitor the usage (occupied times, energy consumption and revenue)

Automated billing towards the drivers

Extended management options in the web

Features for drivers of e-cars

Find free stations on the map

Activate charging stations with the touch of a button

Pay with credit card – instantly and secure

Find and activate charging stations of other charging networks

Track your chargings – the history shows all of your transactions (energy and money)