Innovative and individual solutions for the future

As a partner for electric mobility, energy management and tenant flow throughout Germany, Smart-Red GmbH develops cost-saving and sustainable innovations in the energy segment.

Smart-Red GmbH is a joint subsidiary of ABM-Mess Service GmbH and Smart-me AG. Almost 40 years of experience in the project planning and implementation of various billing services for real estate meets smart hardware and software! 

For our customers this means: Concentrated power - innovative, holistic & individual solutions!

Our service portfolio includes hardware and software for e-mobility, energy management and tenant flow. Whether a complete charging solution or upgrading an existing charging station, transparent display of your energy consumption or producing your own energy - Smart-Red offers you the right solution for every requirement!

Through our innovative load management, we ensure that all vehicles are charged without overloading the network infrastructure, even under complicated conditions. We bring transparency to daily power consumption by billing to the second in real time.


Fabian Trinkler

CEO Smart-Red GmbH

Bernd Bosch

CEO Smart-Red GmbH


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